Kurt Janson, Director, The Tourism Alliance

After graduating with a first class Masters Degree in Public Policy, Kurt was employed by the New Zealand Tourist Board to develop national and regional tourism strategies before moving to Britain in 1997 to work as Policy Manager for VisitEngland and the VisitBritain. Following the separation of the two organisations, he became the Head of Strategic Planning for VisitBritain with responsibility for Policy, Strategy, Sustainable Tourism, Business Planning and Marketing Evaluation.

Kurt left VisitBritain in 2004 to become the Director of the Tourism Alliance, an umbrella trade association for the tourism and hospitality sector that comprises over 50 industry associations that together represent almost 200,000 businesses of all sizes throughout the UK to lobby Government on issues that support the development of the UK tourism industry. He is a member of a number of Government advisory groups including DCMS’s Tourism Industry Council and HMRC’s SMEOF and has written seven editions of VisitEngland’s “Pink Book” on accommodation legislation.