Dinner & Awards Ceremony

The AOA Awards will again be presented at the AOA Annual Conference Dinner on the evening of 29 October 2018 at County Hall, Westminster. We are pleased to announce Simon Calder, Senior Travel Editor at The Independent will compere the event.

Please note: the dress code for the Awards Dinner is business attire. 

Nominations for the Awards (available to AOA members only) are invited on a self-nomination basis and should include the following details:

• Award Category
• Name of nominee
• Organisation name
• A brief summary of the basis for the nomination: why an award is deserved e.g. excellence in customer service; outstanding service provision; innovative product or service delivery.
• Award entry (up to 700 words)
• Any supporting documents

Nominations for more than one award category will be allowed. A separate submission for each award should be made.
Nominations should be made by email, please select the button below:

Deadline date for submissions is Wednesday 19 September

Judging Date: 26 September

The Judging Panel will be made up of independent individuals with expertise/experience in the particular awards category.

Award Categories:

• Best Exhibition Stand (open to Airport and Non-Airport Members)

This award is open to all AOA members who exhibit at the Conference & Exhibition. Nominations for this award are not required as all exhibitors will be entered automatically. This award will be given to the company which has used initiative and creativity on the stand to attract delegates. We will be looking for the exhibitor which stands out from the crowd and is actively engaging with delegates.

• Best Environmental Initiative (open to Airport and Non-Airport Members)

This category is open to any organisation that can demonstrate effective and successful delivery of an initiative or project that has produced environmental benefits, improvement or mitigation. Organisations that may wish to consider nominations will include airports; service providers at or to airports; and environmental consultants working with airports.
Nominees should demonstrate how their work in this area has contributed to the airport’s ability to deliver its environmental vision, policies and objectives and has, as a result, added value to the airport.

• Best Innovator (open to Non-Airport Members)

Nominees in this category will be able to demonstrate how their product or service has delivered a new, innovative solution to a defined airport need. Submissions should be made with the last 12 months in mind and details should be given as to how this innovation has made a difference during this time.

• Best Business Partner (open to Non-Airport Members)

Nominees should be able to demonstrate an ongoing, effective partner approach and philosophy; a commitment to excellence. Where long-term partnership exists, nominees should also demonstrate a responsiveness to changing needs. It should be clearly demonstrated how the business partner shares the airport’s aims and vision and has added value to the airport over a sustained period of time. The submission should demonstrate improvements made in the last 12 months.

• Best Solution Provider (open to Non-Airport Members)

Nominees in this category should demonstrate how their existing solution, service or products have met a defined business need and added value to the airport beyond expectation. Nominees should provide evidence of how they have worked with an airport to implement this existing solution. Particular focus should be on the last 12 months and what difference has been made during this time.

UK Airports Safety Week Awards

• Best Airport Campaign (open to Airports)

Nominees in this category should demonstrate how the development or implementation of an overall airport campaign helped to meet the objectives of the UK Airports Safety Week; achieved greater understanding and/or learning with internal and/or external audiences and improved safety. Submissions should include details of the campaign’s aims, how partners/stakeholders were involved and the results achieved.

• Best Safety Partner (open to Non-Airports members)

Nominees in this category should demonstrate how their involvement with an airport’s campaign during UK Airports Safety Week contributed to the campaign’s success including: how it helped to meet the campaign’s and UK Airports Safety Week’s objectives; achieved greater understanding and/or learning with internal and/or external audiences; and improved safety. Submissions should be able to demonstrate a genuine partnership approach.

Airport-only categories (all AOA Airport Members are entered automatically in each relevant category)

• Best General Aviation Airport (judged by AOPA).

The Best General Aviation Airport Award is presented to GA airports for their performance in the last twelve months and how they ensure they are a safe, efficient and friendly airport. This category will recognise those GA airports that demonstrate a passion for their airport and show their dedication to providing an accessible and favourite general aviation airfield.

• Best Airport (Under 3 million passengers) (judged by Airlines UK)
• Best Airport (3-10 million passengers) (judged by Airlines UK)
• Best Airport (Over 10 million passengers) (judged by Airlines UK)

AOA Airport Awards are presented to airports for excellence and achievement across a whole range of disciplines including retail, security, operations, facilities, community relations, environmental awareness and customer service.