The 2018 programme will be moderated by Journalist and Broadcaster, Mishal Husain, who will welcome some of the most prestigious names in aviation. Speaker details will be available here shortly.

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘The Airport of the Future’ and all of our sessions are geared towards looking to the horizon and understanding future challenges. Below is a brief outline of the topics to be addressed:

Meet new Airport CEOs: With a number of new faces in the UK’s airport scene, we thought it would be a good idea to hear from them. The discussion will bring some fresh perspectives as to where the sector is heading and how these individuals hope to lead their businesses through the uncertain times ahead.

The Growing Aviation Market: We’ll hear from a number of movers and shakers from airlines, airports and the travel industry. The panel will discuss the changing dynamics in the market, changing travel patterns among passengers, new entrants into the aviation ecosystem and the infrastructure needed to support growth and innovation.

The Passenger Experience of the Future: Here airport CEOs, consumer groups and businesses involved in Aviation Security and Retail will address the experience at the border of the future, what new retail offerings will be available to passengers and how passengers with reduced mobility will be accommodated.

Sustainable Airports: In this session, players from the industry will outline their views on how we can reduce on-airport emissions, incentivise the electrification of infrastructure, and adapt to the increasing effects of climate change. How passengers travel to the airport, and whether they can do so more sustainably, and what innovations could captivate the sector in the future are also subjects for debate.

The Workforce of the Future: Finally, this session will look at topics such as training the next-generation of pilots, engineers and air traffic personnel, the impact of Brexit on the skilled employment market in aviation, and what can be done to close the gender pay gap and increase diversity in aviation. There are changing skills required around aerodromes as AI & automation, space flight & satellite launch and drones all make their mark on the sector.